Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Weather Prophets Are Wrong Again

I just saw on the news that all the top weather forecasters are trying to figure out why they were so far off on their hurricane predictions again in 2007.
So, they can barely predict the weather for tomorrow, but certainly not for next year...
Yet, I'm supposed to believe these same people when they predict what the climate will do 10 or 20 years from now?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Modern Slavery is a Job Americans Won't Do

Proponents of open borders always say that illegal immigrants are filling jobs that Americans don't want to do. Exactly what are those jobs? Cleaning our homes, mowing our lawns, picking our fields and taking care of our children?? Does anyone, besides myself, see ANYTHING WRONG with this mentality? Because it sure shocks the heck out of me that people can actually say these things unchallenged! It seems to me that this is just a modern-day form of slavery, with less responsibility for the payor, and more responsibilities for the payee.
That's right, I said it.
Don't jump ahead of me and turn off your brain. I am not comparing this to the brutalizing, regretful slavery of Africans in the 1800's or any forced slavery. That was a tragic period in American history, and I (along with everyone else) acknowledge that.
But let me submit, when, after slavery was abolished, did it ever become acceptable that we would deem an entire race of people 'good enough' only to serve our meals, clean our homes, and pick our fields? Here you go, these are jobs no one else wants, you take them in exchange for not being deported.
Is it really okay just because we pay them? Many will say yes because they are doing well for themselves here. They are much better off here than they would be in their home country. Maybe financially. And thus the exploitation. Those that enable these law-breakers for the sake of cheap labor are not only doing a huge disservice to America, they are allowing for an entire racial segment of people to be subservient to a more well-educated society. We don't EXPECT them to learn our language, which means we don't EXPECT them to further their education, which means they will never achieve the true American dream. But, I guess that's ok for those that avert their eyes from the border, because if we closed the door, then who, after all would do those jobs?
Why should it be considered embarrassing for some teenagers or first jobbers to take a lower paying job? No kid should ever say that mowing lawns and babysitting or working loading hay was beneath them.
That's just ...CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

But Illegals are doing more than just filling low paying jobs. They work at manufacturing jobs and construction jobs. Are these REALLY jobs Americans won't do? No, these are jobs that stolen from Americans by illegals (on the promise of citizenship), again for the sake of CHEAP LABOR!

I have a solution, enforce immigration laws...
Abolish open borders ~ Shut down slavery.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Presidential Debate?

I like FOX News as much as any conservative, but I don't want them to pick the next Republican Presidential Candidate for me.
But, that's exactly what they're doing! They are following, lock stock and barrel, the drumbeat of the drive-by media. They are finding the 'favorites' and jamming 'em down our throats with face-time. Well, I am smart enough to pick my own favorites. We DESERVE equal time to hear from all of the candidates (except for Ron Paul, but we all know he's not a real republican, he's at the wrong 'party').
We need to hear more from Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Two minutes won't get it done (while the front-runners get 15). I brush my teeth longer than that!
It's too early in the process to be focused on 2 or 3 candidates, there is plenty of time left for that.

The first question was "Who is the most conservative" (directed at Thompson, Romney and McCain) yet the most conservative candidates in the bunch weren't mentioned or allowed to speak on the subject.

What happened to "We Report, You Decide"??

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Clinton Voter Manipulation

No true "RED"-blooded, patriotic, conservative American would EVER vote for hillary clinton. I don't care what kind of green puke mark penn has spewing from his mouth.

It's just another example of how the left wing promotes their agenda under the guise of journalism.

Mark Penn won't tell you where he got his numbers. He won't tell you which states he will pull these voters from. And the drive-by media sure won't tell you that he works for hillary. After all, these are just details. Right?

This is another left-wing attempt at voter manipulation. By creating a perception that a segment of republican women voters are 'defecting' from their party to cast a sentimental vote for hillary because she's a woman (that's debatable) is pure bunk.

I did a poll. 100% of the democrat women I asked said they would vote Republican, no matter who the democrat Presidential candidate was.

Welcome To The Better Half

Sick and tired of the liberal left and Democrat party, I decided to fight back against the other half of the US that calls itself Blue but seems to be more of a pale shade of yellow.

Please feel free to join me in combating the leftwing lunacy, moonbattery & anti-Americanism while fighting for the things I love and believe, as I share with you, my convictions.

You can tell me how you think I'm wrong, and I'll give you a lesson in what's right.

My house, my rules. You are welcome to come in, but if you get out of line, I'll throw you out! I will not tolerate profanity. Don't waste your time, or my time using it.

I work hard and play rough, so consider yourself warned.

I am "The Better Half".