Saturday, October 27, 2007

Modern Slavery is a Job Americans Won't Do

Proponents of open borders always say that illegal immigrants are filling jobs that Americans don't want to do. Exactly what are those jobs? Cleaning our homes, mowing our lawns, picking our fields and taking care of our children?? Does anyone, besides myself, see ANYTHING WRONG with this mentality? Because it sure shocks the heck out of me that people can actually say these things unchallenged! It seems to me that this is just a modern-day form of slavery, with less responsibility for the payor, and more responsibilities for the payee.
That's right, I said it.
Don't jump ahead of me and turn off your brain. I am not comparing this to the brutalizing, regretful slavery of Africans in the 1800's or any forced slavery. That was a tragic period in American history, and I (along with everyone else) acknowledge that.
But let me submit, when, after slavery was abolished, did it ever become acceptable that we would deem an entire race of people 'good enough' only to serve our meals, clean our homes, and pick our fields? Here you go, these are jobs no one else wants, you take them in exchange for not being deported.
Is it really okay just because we pay them? Many will say yes because they are doing well for themselves here. They are much better off here than they would be in their home country. Maybe financially. And thus the exploitation. Those that enable these law-breakers for the sake of cheap labor are not only doing a huge disservice to America, they are allowing for an entire racial segment of people to be subservient to a more well-educated society. We don't EXPECT them to learn our language, which means we don't EXPECT them to further their education, which means they will never achieve the true American dream. But, I guess that's ok for those that avert their eyes from the border, because if we closed the door, then who, after all would do those jobs?
Why should it be considered embarrassing for some teenagers or first jobbers to take a lower paying job? No kid should ever say that mowing lawns and babysitting or working loading hay was beneath them.
That's just ...CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

But Illegals are doing more than just filling low paying jobs. They work at manufacturing jobs and construction jobs. Are these REALLY jobs Americans won't do? No, these are jobs that stolen from Americans by illegals (on the promise of citizenship), again for the sake of CHEAP LABOR!

I have a solution, enforce immigration laws...
Abolish open borders ~ Shut down slavery.


yojinnbo said...

The only reason there are no Americans "wanting" these jobs is because there is a work force willing to do them for 50 cents an hour.

So your outrage is at the mistreatment (slavery) of the illegal immigrant? You can solve that problem by forcing the employer to pay an honest (minimum) living wage. Then you can open up the borders and you wouldn't even have to have a guest worker program because what racist employer (that was exploiting illegals) is going to hire some guy that can't speak English when he could hire a local for the same price?

I am comparing it to slavery. It's the same thing. You got that right! We gotta do something about it. Make the minimum wage $9 an hour and any employer that pays less than that or pays someone under the table, send them to jail! Having the largest prison population in the world (full of three strike dope smokers), it won't hurt to put a few of these real offenders behind bars.

You're right; immigration is a problem, but it's a problem for immigrants. After reading your blog, I'm assuming you probably work at Wal-Mart, so can you really afford to increase your cost of living that much? You might be changing your tune when they come to repossess your double-wide. But I'm sure your brother/husband will be able to support you on his welfare. If you guys have a few kids, you could really pull in some money from the government.

The Better Half said...

You obviously didn't read the links to my post. Shocking. Because what the article says is that there ARE Americans that want these jobs. So, I won't waste my time reiterating it, because if you aren't intelligent enough to READ, I can't help you.

Economics must be another subject that has eluded you. Increasing minimum wage has only proven to cut jobs. Fewer jobs, mean fewer employed individuals, which means more people on welfare, leading to the obvious goal of most left-wing liberal moonbats (thank you dear husband for that appropriate term)...a socialist society. ECO101 is a requirement for a college degree, which you would know, had you gone to college.

The reason the jails are full, is because as a morally conscious society, we actually HAVE LAWS!!

Typical of the left, can't fix it, no new ideas, put a cheap band-aid on it, and bury your head in the sand, i.e. clean drug needles provided by community centers, free contraception for 11 year olds in the publics schools (no need for parents when the gov't can do the job), and can't stop illegal immigration so open the borders to all.

You're welcome to come by and illustrate, time after time, how the left is wrong and the right is...well you know the rest. Thanks for playing.

yojinnbo said...

Your brother/hubbie says I shouldn't pick on pretty little girls. That seems kind of sexist, but then you probably already know that living with him.

I did read your links and that's why I put the "wanting" in quotes. No Americans want to work for 50 cents an hours. Well, maybe Wal-Mart greeters like you do.

Maybe you need to check your economics because increasing minimum wage only decreases the number of jobs if there isn't already a glut of super low paying jobs, and every study that has measured job growth when there was a minimum wage increase has shown that it doesn't affect the number of jobs available. Wanting people to be able to earn a living wage (that would be a wage that you can live or survive on) is not a socialist concept. It's a capitalist one, but then you would have to go to school to understand the difference. When the minimum wage goes up, the number of people on welfare goes down. More people with money they have to spend to survive keeps the economy going. It's the rich people hording their money that stagnates the economy and causes jobs to go away.

Listen to yourself. The reason everyone is in jail is because we have a morally conscious society. So you're saying if the rest of the world was morally conscious, everyone would be in jail there too? The most morally conscious country in the world has the most people in jail (and not just per capita)? Maybe you have some guilt that is burdening your subconscious? Let it go.

No new ideas? I thought enforcing the immigration laws and punishing the employers who break the law was a new idea. Don't we have laws? Aren't we morally conscious? If you had to pay a guy $12 an hour to do your landscaping, are you going to hire the Mexican or the guy that would otherwise be on welfare? If you knew that you would go to jail for paying the Mexican $2 an hour to lay that sod or roof that house, would you risk it?

I'm sure you're all for outsourcing all our jobs to China and India too since you obviously don't think that Americans should get paid a fair living wage. You guys make me sick. You're not Americans. Killing our troops for some stupid grudge and cheap oil. Sending all our jobs overseas to slave labor countries. Killing our citizens by destroying the environment and preventing them from having health care. Destroying our future by getting rid of our education system. Making the rest of the world think we are all greedy imperialistic war mongers like you. Punishing the poor with all the tax burden while the rich people watch the country burn or drown. You disgust me.

The Better Half said...

I take it from your hostility, you must be a minimum wage worker. So, do me a favor, learn this phrase..."Would you like fries with that MA'AM?" Smile and be polite. Who knows, you might actually get a tip. Maybe you will be able to break out of that lower tax bracket with us fat cats.

Having a society with a moral conscience is a good thing. Break the law, go to jail. It works. Being a moral society is not a direct correlation to the number of inmates in our prison system. I guess you don't believe in paying your debt to society for breaking the laws. Can you say anarchy?

The only outsourcing I believe in is sending all illegals back to their native country, and fools like you to communist China. Good luck. Seems you might fit in well there.

BTW-another personal attack will get you thrown out...permanently.

yojinnbo said...

Actually I have a Masters Degree from an Ivy League school in engineering and I have almost 20 years experience as a professional so I'm in the group that reaps all of the monetary benefits from your wacked out economic policies, but I'm not greedy like you.

It's funny you talk about no personal attacks but turn around and call me a minimum wage worker and tell me that I couldn't possibly understand the concepts you preaching. That and your husband called me a scumbag and a loser. I guess that was just constructive criticism.

So much for rational debate...

The Better Half said...

Hey, take a look at the big brain on brad !(or yohimbe or whatever) Isn't that some kind of wild yam root? lol
What happened did the Dungeons and Dragons convention let out?

Where you are concerned there is no rational anything...certainly not debate.

So you spend 8 hours per day blogging and 8 hours per day playing dragon slayer with your pretend dragon slayer friends...and the rest of your time donating all your money to charity...this actually is good news for your family, at least they don't have to spend time listening to you.

The rest of us are not so lucky.
thanks for the rational debate though.

RMS941 said...

You are rigth to a point.
Every day I see more Hispanics come in the Oil & Gas Inds.
Rig hands make from $19.00 to $30.00 per hour today. 5 years ago most were all white today 95% are Hispanics and most are illegal, that's a fact.They don't speak English, none do just the driller.
The illegal Hispanics work for less and that's fact.
I can go on and on but it will not help the problem.
Just a quick note.