Saturday, October 20, 2007

Welcome To The Better Half

Sick and tired of the liberal left and Democrat party, I decided to fight back against the other half of the US that calls itself Blue but seems to be more of a pale shade of yellow.

Please feel free to join me in combating the leftwing lunacy, moonbattery & anti-Americanism while fighting for the things I love and believe, as I share with you, my convictions.

You can tell me how you think I'm wrong, and I'll give you a lesson in what's right.

My house, my rules. You are welcome to come in, but if you get out of line, I'll throw you out! I will not tolerate profanity. Don't waste your time, or my time using it.

I work hard and play rough, so consider yourself warned.

I am "The Better Half".

1 comment:

Red S Tater said...

Welcome to the 'sphere Bet, I've got your back...and the front is not to shabby either.