Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Presidential Debate?

I like FOX News as much as any conservative, but I don't want them to pick the next Republican Presidential Candidate for me.
But, that's exactly what they're doing! They are following, lock stock and barrel, the drumbeat of the drive-by media. They are finding the 'favorites' and jamming 'em down our throats with face-time. Well, I am smart enough to pick my own favorites. We DESERVE equal time to hear from all of the candidates (except for Ron Paul, but we all know he's not a real republican, he's at the wrong 'party').
We need to hear more from Tom Tancredo and Duncan Hunter. Two minutes won't get it done (while the front-runners get 15). I brush my teeth longer than that!
It's too early in the process to be focused on 2 or 3 candidates, there is plenty of time left for that.

The first question was "Who is the most conservative" (directed at Thompson, Romney and McCain) yet the most conservative candidates in the bunch weren't mentioned or allowed to speak on the subject.

What happened to "We Report, You Decide"??


The Localmalcontent said...

That is the very exact comment I have. I resent the one and only Conservative news channel 'channeling' one or two candidates to my attention only.

I know that your other half likes Duncan Hunter, and me, I root for Tancredo. But will either one get the traction necessary to develop broad, national appeal?
its sad.

The Better Half said...

It is sad. Because I want to make the best choice based on my own values and requirements in a candidate. It seems as though FOX has determined it knows the best choice for the Republican Presidential candidate. But, I say, based on what? -or whom? Based on the general opinion that hillary is going to win the Democrat Presidential nomination? That remains to be seen. Of course, it is not beyond the democrats to choose a crooked, pandering, irresponsible and misdirected candidate. After all, there was bill. But, I want what is right for the country, and that may be one of the 'second tier' candidates, as the media has so irresponsibly labeled them.

I will, again, as I have so often before, not rely on the media and do my own homework, and make my own decision.

I understand your choice in Tancredo. I am, after all from Colorado. It's unfortunate that the media has labeled him a one issue candidate, because I know there is more to him. He may not be my choice, but he isn't a bad one.

Thanks, localmalcontent!