Saturday, October 20, 2007

Clinton Voter Manipulation

No true "RED"-blooded, patriotic, conservative American would EVER vote for hillary clinton. I don't care what kind of green puke mark penn has spewing from his mouth.

It's just another example of how the left wing promotes their agenda under the guise of journalism.

Mark Penn won't tell you where he got his numbers. He won't tell you which states he will pull these voters from. And the drive-by media sure won't tell you that he works for hillary. After all, these are just details. Right?

This is another left-wing attempt at voter manipulation. By creating a perception that a segment of republican women voters are 'defecting' from their party to cast a sentimental vote for hillary because she's a woman (that's debatable) is pure bunk.

I did a poll. 100% of the democrat women I asked said they would vote Republican, no matter who the democrat Presidential candidate was.


The Localmalcontent said...

Mark Penn has no numbers, likely!

But I love the results of your poll! Tell me, that wasn't a poll taken at Tulsa University was it?

Didn't think so. Love yer site, mucho.

The Better Half said...

Not actually. Most students don't have half a brain to speak of, and fortunately, don't even vote.

Thanks (under the suggestion of RED) for stopping by. He speaks very highly of you. It's good to know that there are men like my husband and you out there taking on these moonbats! I hope to take on a few myself.


Red S Tater said...

Hillary is in need of more than just a numbers juggler...
Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

If the drive-by's would do their job, Hillary's presidential hopes would be down the drain, I wonder how she looks in stripes?
Still fat and ugly I'm sure.